Tuesday, February 25, 2014

First Day of University


From the title of this post you can probably guess that today I attended my first day of university! The day started at 7, where I had to wake up to get ready to leave at 8:15am. Shower, get dressed, make-up, breakfast... I just about managed to get out of the door in time! My sister drove me to uni, luckily we go to the same one and we tried to synchronise our timetables as well as possible! At uni most of the parking is paid so we're really lucky that my sister has a friend that lives a street away and he lets his friends park on his lawn! Such a convenience! We got there by 8:45am and we got to uni just in time for my sister's 9am lecture. I had another hour to wait for my first lecture so I decided to go to one of the cafeteria type places, grab a coffee and start reading one of my books that I have to read for my English Lectures.

The book's called A Visit From The Goon Squad by Jennifer Egan, a 2011 Pulitzer Prize Winner for Fiction. I'm really enjoying the book at the moment, I am only 40 pages in but it started off very well! I have five books that I have to read for English throughout the year, lucky I'm an avid reader otherwise I don't think I'd be able to handle it!

At 9:45 I made my way to my first lecture, English. I knew that I had one friend I knew from school also in that lecture, so meeting up with her before we went inside really helped to calm my nerves a bit. Once we sat down another one of my friends also entered and came and sat with us as well, which made us a cute little group of three. The lecturers were really nice, one guy and one lady, both good at teaching in their own way. I had an hour break between that lecture and my next lecture, Earth Science. This lecture is a compulsory complementary unit which had to be taken by all BSC (Bachelor of Science) students. Because of this my good friend Georgia, whose studying Chemistry, was in this lecture as well so I sat next to her and we had a nice catch up. I hadn't seen hardly any of my friends during the gap between school and university; I'd gone to America for a while (I'll be posting a blog about that soon!) and when I got back I was ill for a while, and then I just sort of didn't get back into the groove of seeing people.

Once the Earth Science lecture was over Georgia invited me back to her house so we went and chilled and chatted for a while which was really nice. Georgia and I have also found it really easy to talk to each other, we just banter back and forth a lot of the time which is just what you need sometimes. So that is the end of my first day at university! It wasn't a full day because Tutorials (which are more hands-on) don't start until next week, so this week we all have it a bit easier and I'm finding it better just easing slowly into it.

So long for now,
Hope xxo

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