Saturday, March 1, 2014

Show Choir


Yesterday was my very first rehearsal with my university show choir! I didn't know anyone there, but luckily I think I'm going to be friends with a few of the people once we get to know each other better. I really wanted to join show choir because for as long as I can remember I've wanted to be an actress, either on screen or on stage. Recently I've been leaning more towards stage acting, predominantly musicals. Musical Theatre is one of my most favourite things in the world, I adore musicals so much and I think that they really make people happy and just forget about their problems and everything that is going on in their lives for a few hours.

I've been in a few musicals during high school, starting from year 7 (11 years old!) and they are: Grease, The Sound of Music, The Pajama Game, Beauty and the Beast and Bugsy Malone. I've also gone and watched a ridiculous amount of musicals around the world: Chitty Chitty Bang Bang (London), The Lion King (London), We Will Rock You (London), Rock Of Ages (Broadway), Wicked (Perth), Miss Saigon (Perth), Mary Poppins (Perth), Grease (Sydney), Cabaret (x2 Perth), Jesus Christ Superstar (x2 Perth) and I'm sure there's a couple more that I've forgotten!

So as you can tell Musical Theatre is a huge part of my life, which was why I was so excited to start Show Choir. We're performing a medley of songs from the musical Spring Awakening, whose original Broadway cast included Lea Michele and Jonathan Groff.

It's considered a rock musical and I'm really looking forward to learning the songs! We're also going to perform songs from another musical as well but we haven't been told which one yet. Our director is called Aaron and he works at WAAPA, which is the Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts and is considered one of the best arts schools in the country. We're so lucky to have Aaron because he's so experienced and dedicated and really cares about us being the best we can be. I'm hoping to study musical theatre at WAAPA once I've finished my science degree at UWA (University of Western Australia), which is in 3 years, a long time but hopefully I am still motivated to perform then!

I'll definitely let you all know how it progresses throughout the semester and I'll do a post on our performance which will hopefully be a success!

So long for now,
Hope xxo